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Why Grandma knows best?

As children, we have all received our fair share of ‘eating advice’ from our grandmothers. Back in the day it always felt like unnecessary information, but as we grew older we understood the importance.

The ‘grandma gang’ is known for their natural lifestyle, home remedies and their wholesome understanding of nutrition. The wisdom from the past is too valuable to be lost and that’s why it’s very important that we pass these habits down to our children!

Here are some of our favourite old-school habits!

Nurture nature

Grandma always picked her fruits and vegetables from her own garden, and this was one of the reasons why her cooking was always so fresh and wholesome.

By growing your own veggies, you know exactly what’s going inside your child’s stomach.  You can control the nutrition and the authenticity of your produce, also ensuring that everything is safe and of the highest quality. Having a garden of your own makes you self-sufficient and independent when it comes to food and nutrition. Furthermore, including your children in the gardening process will teach them the patience required to produce fruits and vegetables. Our products also are 100% Natural and are as good as produce from granny’s garden!

Family first

These days, children eat most of their meals and healthy snacks in front of a TV or computer, as the habit of eating meals as a family has almost died out. Eating together teaches the whole family something new, good habits are only adopted by kids when they see them first hand! So make sure you eat as a family so that your kids learn to be healthier and eat better.

Morning matters

The morning rituals our grandparents taught us, fortified the body in more ways than one can imagine. For instance, simply drinking a glass of lime juice mixed with hot water and cinnamon, cleanses the body, boosts your metabolism and balances the blood sugar levels, all at once.

What is more important is that we make sure to inculcate these healthy habits in our children at a young age, so that they continue to follow them throughout their life.

More milk, please!

Have you ever wondered why most children are made to drink milk when they’re growing up? Well, it’s a habit that has been passed down from generation to generation for many years. Milk is an extremely wholesome food that provides the body with calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D and protein – which happen to be the four most important nutrients for good bone health. Your kids will love milk with our Cereal Crunchies. If your kid can’t indulge in a daily helping of milk (due to health reasons), make sure she/he eats curd, buttermilk, paneer and other such healthy food for kids.

A seedy story

Seeds are an underrated food, but they’re actually just as beneficial as nuts – loaded with fats, vitamins, and minerals. Grandmas always insist that children eat the entire fruit or vegetable, including the seeds and peel, because that’s where most of the minerals are. Seeds especially can be extremely healthy food for kids.

Taste test

Even when our grandparents were younger, the taste was one of the most important factors when it came to food. The simple truth is; when food is tasty, kids tend to follow a more nutritious diet.

When the food presented to children is appealing to them, their gastric juices tend to work better, and they absorb nutrients more efficiently.

When it comes to nutrition and healthy living, nobody knew better than Grandma. Our ancestors understood exactly what the body needed and when the body needed it.

So the next time you’re in doubt with regard to a balanced diet for kids, just ask yourself, ‘What would granny do?’

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