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What Successful Mothers do differently?

A mother’s job is supposed to be the toughest. From sending her kids to school in the morning to running errands of the day, she always has her plate full. In spite of that, the moment her child behaves badly she is the one who is held responsible for that. This leads them to often wonder what is it that they are doing wrong. Apart from taking care of kids and providing them healthy snacks, these are 5 things that successful mothers attempt as part of the same.

Prioritizing and balancing

These mothers know that somehow it is very difficult for them to be able to juggle all their tasks successfully. Especially if you are a working mother assuming that you can handle every task single-handed is a big fallacy. They have learned to prioritize and balance their work and so should you. So if they are preparing evening snacks for kids they will make sure to fix up all the ingredients in advance. If the washing is not happening on time, they would share their load with the other partner. Most importantly these mothers stay easy and do not consider themselves as someone with superhuman powers.

Never behave like martyrs

Yes, it is important for you to give time to your children and handle the home too. But never consider yourself as a martyr who has been entrusted with the whole world’s burden. Don’t take so much pressure because eventually, this will end up spoiling your relations with other members of the family. If your child is a fussy eater, opt for simple energy foods to keep him replenished. You can stock Timios energy bars which have all the nutrition your child needs and is tasty enough for him to enjoy at any time.

Drop perfection

Mothers always love to hear “you are the perfect mother”. But such people do not know what goes behind the same. Stop your craze for being perfect and look for ways in which you can adjust and get your work done. While cooking, look for easy recipes for kids. Ask your husband to handle the task of getting the kids to do their homework or setting up the dinner table. He may not be perfect in the way he handles the task but it would still be a major help for you. Once your tasks are over keep ticking them off your bucket list so that you can enjoy some me time in the night before going to sleep.

Work and home

You must have thought about how a mother can handle her work and home so nicely. That is because such mothers know that work should never mess with the personal life. Given that half of our times, we have our cell phones in hand, it is hard to ignore work at home too. However, keeping a to-do list on your computer every day may help you to finish jobs quickly. In case a task is not complete, move it to the next day’s list instead of fretting over it the whole evening. The latter part of the day should see you making healthy snacks for kids and enjoying some time with them.

No comparing

There is no point in comparing yourself to your neighbor and feeling bad about how she is so efficient. Successful mothers do not give in to people’s expectations and learn how to manage work in their limited time availability. When they are cooking children’s food they have already started thinking about the next day’s breakfast. It is no use comparing yourself with another because this is a trap which is going to catch you unawares every day.

So mothers’ you know you are doing your best and stop over thinking about everything. Successful mothers do not come with any wings. They just make sure that they balance their act well. With time you would also learn the trick. Until then all the best and keep trying.


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