Timios has variety of healthy and tasty food for kids of all age which they love to eat.


Weaning is an important stage in a baby’s growth cycle. It is advised to start babies on weaning foods when they are six months old and can go on till about 12+ months or even longer. As the baby’s stomach is very delicate, it’s advised to feed foods that are easily digestible. It is also advised to start the weaning process with one ingredient, to help the baby adapt to semi solid foods. One of the best weaning foods for babies is traditional, home made food that’s filling and easy to digest at the same time. Timios porridge is one of the traditional weaning foods for babies, processed with 100% certified organic ingredients, in a cleanroom environment. 

These ingredients are carefully sprouted, evenly roasted and then powdered into a fine and perfect texture that helps a baby adapt to new textures and increase their palate. Timios Porridge caters to babies from  6+ months onwards

There are 5 variants available for 6+ months babies
Organic Rice
Organic Ragi
Organic Wheat
Organic Rice Carrot
Organic Rice Moong Dal

Four variants available for 8+ months babies
Rice Ragi
Rice Ragi Dal
Rice Dal Spinach
Wheat Banana

Three variants available for 10+ months babies
Rice Khichdi
Millet Khichdi
Sattu Maavu

Why Timios Porridge?
Timios porridge is processed in a cleanroom environment, ensuring the baby food is processed in one of the cleanest kitchens. The orders for Timios porridge is taken on ‘made-to-order’ basis that ensures the delivery with maximum freshness. Sprouted nutrition is considered the best approach to consuming rich and nutritious food. Even for babies it’s considered as the best approach as it breaks down the starch making it easy to digest. Timios porridge, a rich food for babies that’s loaded with protein and vitamins.

What is a cleanroom?
A cleanroom is considered as the most sterlile utility/facility that is designed to control the airflow, temperature and in the process eliminates airborne organisms and germs. A cleanroom is generally used by pharma industries for medical requirements, that complies with highest quality standards. Timios uses a cleanroom with similar standards to process porridge. Timios is also one of the first baby food companies that processes baby food in a cleanroom facility

Timios has also recently implemented traceability on their porridge range to be transparent with the ingredients used. The journey of the entire pack can be tracked just by scanning the QR code on the pack. This traceability feature is implemented with the well-known blockchain technology, that cannot be edited or tampered with. Here is how it works – https://youtu.be/1QcggYsMD1E

Please note: Mother’s milk is best for babies. Semi-solids and solids should be started after 6 months of age and upon the advice of the pediatrician / consulting physician. 


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