Timios has variety of healthy and tasty food for kids of all age which they love to eat.

Melts-Apple and Cinnamon

timios Melts – Yummy All-Natural Finger Food for Your Little One

Kids, especially toddlers, are extremely picky when it comes to food. They like sweet foods in mild flavours, that are fun to eat and aren’t too keen on eating healthy. The average snacks for kids that are available are far from good for the health of your little one. Most of these off-the-shelf snack foods have high levels of artificially added sugar. They are also rarely natural. The options that are natural often tend to be bland and unsavoury. This leaves parents in a never-ending dilemma – whether they should choose health over taste and leave their kids disappointed, or go for more popular, tasty snacks for kids and risk leading them to unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Keeping this dilemma in mind, timios has designed the perfect healthy snacks for kids in two delicious flavours – timios Apple & Cinnamon Melts and timios Carrot & Cumin Melts.

At this age, your baby would have started trying out a variety of new tastes and textures and forming their first set of likes and dislikes. It is very important that they don’t get into the habit of eating heavily sweetened baby food products, because once they are hooked, it can be difficult to wean your child off to a healthier diet.

timios Melts is designed especially for children, aged 9 months and above, keeping in mind their palette and taste preferences. They are also made of natural ingredients, free of preservatives and low on sugar. Unlike most finger food for kids out there, timios Melts is easy to eat for kids themselves, since they don’t have sharp, jagged edges and aren’t a choking threat. In fact, as the name suggests, they literally melt in your little one’s mouth!

Whole grains like wheat, rice and oats are used to make timios Melts, making it a holistic choice for your baby. These grains, especially oats, are great for your child’s digestive health and provides them with a rich supply of essential minerals, nutrients, and dietary fibre.

In addition to the grains, they also have extracts of apples, cinnamon, carrots and cumin. Let us look at what each of these carefully chosen ingredients brings to the table.

Apples are one of the favourite healthy snacks for kids. They are full of vital nutrients that your toddler needs, growing up. Apples help your little one strengthen their immune system to fight off infections, supply them with fibres to keep their digestion smooth, and also gives them Vitamins A, C, and K for healthy growth and development.

Cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices of the world. It is also an excellent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. And of course, it’s so yummy that it makes everything taste better!

Carrots are a highly nutritious veggie that your child will love! It is well known that carrots help improve eye health, especially when you’re young. Not only this, they are also a rich source of potassium, fibre, and Vitamins K1 and A!

Cumin is a spice that is often used in traditional recipes as a remedy for indigestion. In addition to this, it also helps prevent food bore illnesses and is a rich source of iron. It helps improve your little one’s immunity and works wonders in case they have the common cold or asthma.


Try out timios Apple & Cinnamon Melts and timios Carrot & Cumin Melts, our specially designed, natural and preservative-free snacks for kids! Tell us what you think of it and if your little one likes it at hello@mytimios.com


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