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Summer Nutrition Tips for Healthy Eating

Summer holidays are the time to play and go wild. Sports, summer camps, music and dance classes, workshops and much more. In creates the perfect opportunity to make regrettable food choices for your kids.

As a parent, you’re responsible for your kid’s food choices. Here are some quick tips to help your kids eat better before, during and after their play time.

Small regular meals and snacks

Spread the calories evenly throughout the day. Always have a healthy nut bar or a piece of fruit with you. Eating regularly at 3-hour intervals will keep your kid’s blood sugar levels steady and help them avoid overeating during meal times.

Fuel up and hydrate before and after play

The key to eating healthy is to always be prepared and fuel your body before it’s drained of all its energy. The more physically demanding the activity your kid is indulging in, the more energy he or she needs. timios’ energy bars are a great source of healthy calories for your kid’s physical needs.

Make smarter food choices

Whether you’re at home, at a restaurant or at a grocery shop, make smarter food choices. Look for whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and words like boiled, steamed or grilled. Avoid foods that are highly processed, fried or are high in sugar. The little food choices you make every day add up, resulting in an overall healthier lifestyle. The bottom line is – make sure that whatever you eat outside is the same as what you’ll prepare at home.

Fun fact: timios snacks are prepared with ingredients that you’ll find in your own kitchen.

Always remember, there’s no magic trick to make your kids start eating healthy overnight. Instead, pay attention to the basics: what they eat and how much they eat. That’s one of the main reasons why all timios snacks are portioned appropriately for children.

Summer holidays are a time to have fun for kids. Help them make the most of it with healthy food choices.


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