Baby Combo Pack for babiesBaby Combo Pack for babies

Baby Combo Pack


Babies are the most gentle beings, and deserve the best of things. Right from weaning foods to finger foods, they deserve the best. This baby combo contains traditionally processed Porridge for 8+ month old babies, and Melts finger food for 9+ month old babies.

Porridge is made with 100% certified organic ingredients, and is processed in a cleanroom environment that filters dust particles, airborne organisms, even controls the flow of air and temperature. All the raw materials procured are soaked, sprouted and evenly roasted. This then powdered into a fine mixture that is delivered fresh.

All the Porridge orders are taken only on Made to Order basis to ensure it is delivered as fresh as possible. You can now trace the where and how your baby’s food product is made just by scanning the QR code on the box.

These are the porridge variants included in this combo
1. Rice Ragi Porridge
2. Rice Ragi Dal Porridge
3. Rice Dal Spinach
4. Wheat Banana

Melts, a completely non-fried finger food for babies, made with natural ingredients and contains no added colors or preservatives. This puffed finger food for babies is perfectly sized for babies that encourages them to pick and eat on their own. This also helps babies in improving their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Melts are designed with perfect texture for babies, that makes it easy to consume. They are also packed with age appropriate nutrition and portion size.

These are the Melts variants included in this combo
1. Apple and Cinnamon
2. Carrot and Cumin
3. Banana and Strawberry
4. Blueberry


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