Organic Ragi Sesame Teething sticks for toddlers USPsOrganic Ragi Sesame Teething sticks for toddlers USPs

Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks

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Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks for toddlers are made with 100% certified organic ingredients that’s completely healthy and safe for little ones. These teething sticks is the perfect food for little ones.

Timios teething sticks designed in perfect size and shape for little ones, who are learning to eat on their own. These Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks are easy hold and dissolves easily, making it easy to consume, for little ones. This also helps improve gross motor skills and dexterity. These teething sticks are also for older kids, that encourage them to eat on their own.

Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks are made with whole grains such as Ragi and Whole Wheat, making them healthy on the inside, fun and tasty on the outside.

Organic Wheat Flour (54.4%), Organic Rice Bran Oil (15%), Organic Jaggery Powder (13%), Organic Ragi Flour (10%), Organic Amaranth (3%), Organic Sesame Seeds (3%), Organic Jeera (1%), Rock Salt and Natural Mixed Tocopherol (used for freshness)


Energy (kcal)493
Protein (g)7
Fat (g)19
Saturated (g)3
Polyunsaturated (g)7
Monounsaturated (g)7
Carbohydrate (g)72
Total sugar (g)11
Dietary fibre (g)5
Calcium (mg)111
Iron (mg)4
Sodium (mg)187

For easy consumption, can be dipped in water or milk while feeding. Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks should be given to babies who have teeth and can chew on it.

Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks should only be fed to kids who can sit upright in their own. Always supervise your baby while feeding Ragi Sesame Teething Sticks. Discard broken pieces of teething sticks to avoid chocking hazards

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