Hallowen Timios Trick or TreatHallowen Timios Trick or Treat

Halloween Spooky Treats for Kids

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Timios Halloween treats are made in various shapes like pumpkins, scary skulls, friendly ghosts and many more.

These Halloween treats are –

  • Halloween themed butter cookies
  • Healthy Halloween treats
  • Made with organic ingredients
  • Contains organic jaggery
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No added colours and flavours
  • Approx. 50 cookies
  • Assorted shaped cookies – Pumpkin, skulls, skeletons, ghosts and more
  • Free Halloween mask

All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated to pay tributes to all the saints and the loved ones who have passed over. It’s widely celebrated in the western countries; however, Indians have also started celebrating Halloween in the recent years, with appropriate costumes and treats.

With Halloween being round the corner and the most worrisome time for parents, where the kids get carried away with overeating cookies, candies and drinks loaded with excessive sugar. Although, we are aware excessive sugar is unhealthy for kids across age groups, it’s also difficult to keep them away from treats especially during Halloween. One small candy occasionally, is not so bad for kids.

We at Timios have launched a limited edition of Halloween treats for kids and adults alike. These treats are made with Organic whole wheat flour, Organic jaggery that’s healthy. These treats contain no Maida, added preservatives, artificial colors, and flavours.  



3 reviews for Halloween Spooky Treats for Kids

  1. Velu

    Very tasty!
    We don’t celebrate Halloween. But these cookies were so tempting. They taste really good, and good quantity.

  2. Sarah

    Great option opposed to the usual candies.

  3. Elizabeth

    It came packed in small packs, easy for distribution. Cookies tasted delicious, and my son loved the mask too.

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