Organic Wheat Porridge


Organic Wheat Porridge for Babies that’s traditionally processed in a cleanroom environment
Organic Wheat Porridge For Babies USPsOrganic Wheat Porridge For Babies USPs

Organic Wheat Porridge

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Wheat porridge is made with organic whole wheat that is sprouted, roasted and powdered finely, suitable for babies from 6 months onwards. Please note: it cannot be used as a substitute for mother’s milk.

At 6 months age, the baby can sit up briefly and will be ready to try and explore eatables to nibble on. It’s the perfect time to start them on solids that are almost bland, smooth and easy to chew, that is nutritionally rich and easy to digest.

Wheat porridge is made in a cleanroom environment, that controls the flow of air and temperature to keep airborne microbes, dust particles and organisms at bay. This provides the cleanest surroundings to make the most hygienic food products.

The ingredients used in the making of “Wheat Porridge” are USDA certified finest whole wheat grains. The whole wheat grains are sprouted and roasted in even temperature before they are finely powdered to give the smooth texture.

Timios porridges are made using the traditional method to ensure, the baby food is packed with nutrients, energy and vitamins needed for a healthy upbringing. This also ensures the porridge is easily digestible by babies as the ingredients are first sprouted, then roasted in even temperature.

Organic Wheat Porridge contains no added sugar / salt. It is also free from added flavours, colours or preservatives, completely safe for babies. Timios porridges are manufactured upon request, on the basis on “made to order” to deliver the product with maximum freshness.

Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat – 200gms


Energy Value388
Total Fat1.98
Saturated Fat0.4
Trans Fat0
Dietary Fibre1.6
Nutritional Facts of Organic Wheat Porridge

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly before making Porridge.
  2. Add 2 scoops of Rice Porridge in one cup of water and mix without lumps
  3. Cook the mixture in medium flame for 5-7 minutes and stir continuously to avoid forming of lumps
  4. Add a tea spoon of pure ghee to add flavour to the Porridge
  5. Cool the porridge and serve

Where to buy Timios Rice Porridge:

Timios products can be ordered on our website : https://mytimios.com/porridge, PAN India.

Timios Porridge can also be ordered in the following e-commerce sites:

Amazon: www.amazon.in/timios

Big Basket: www.bigbasket.com/timios

Firstcry: www.firstcry.com/timios

Flipkart: www.flipkart.com/timios

Important Information:

It is advisable to feed the porridge within 30 minutes post preparation.

Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes wheat and nuts.

For any queries: Write to us at hello@mytimios.com



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