Towards a Healthy Future

As a parent, I passionately believe that my children should grow up eating better food and discover that eating healthy can be fun! There are days when we struggle to pack good, wholesome, guilt-free meals and snacks for our little ones. I believe all parents feel the same. From what we experienced as parents, it’s not just the nutrition that counts. It’s also about the flavours, colours, textures, the entire package.


timios brings to our children age-appropriate range of products which are loaded with goodness on the inside and fun on the outside! We’ve put a lot of thought into developing our products, right from sourcing till packaging. Our products are made using the best ingredients, so you know you’re making the right choice for you and your kids.

Meet Our Team

Aswani Chaitanya is a proud dad of two boys and an engineer by qualification. He’s enjoyed a successful career working in the US and UK as a technologist for major Investment Banks. He enjoys long walks, playing sports and trying his hands in the kitchen.

Hima Bindu is a mom of two and holds a Masters in Nutrition. She has worked as a Research Associate in Product Development in an Agriculture University. She briefly worked in FMCG sector and with a renowned obesity clinic until she found her true calling with timios.

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