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Whole Grain Melts

For kids above 9 months

Delicious whole grain snacks for hungry little tummies or busy tiny fingers. Introduce your kids to new tastes and textures with tasty timios Melts.

Timios Zookers

For kids above 12 months

Timios Zookers Apple and Blueberry Bits are made with simple wholesome ingredients keeping the appetite of your little one in mind.

Timios Mini Oaty Bites

For kids above 18 months

Timios delicious Mini Oaty Bites are made with 4 super ingredients, their soft and chewy consistency is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Multi-Grain Munchies

For kids above 2 years

Make your kids’ every bite count with timios Munchies. They’re full of delicious natural ingredients that will keep your kids satisfied throughout the day.

Timios Natural Raisins

For kids above 2 years

Timios Raisins are imported from Turkey, one of the best wine growing regions in the world. Raisins from Turkey are flavourful & soft, making them one of the most sought after.

Cereal Crunchies

For kids above 2 years

Perfectly balanced meals for your little ones. Packed full of delicious natural ingredients. Timios Cereal Crunchies are made from whole grains with real fruits.

All-Natural Energy Bars

For kids above 4 years

Raise the bar for your kid’s snacks with Timios Energy Bars. Made with 100% real ingredients. Each bar is designed to serve a fulfilling energy of 100kCal.

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