Timios has variety of healthy and tasty food for kids of all age which they love to eat.

Make Healthy Food Choices for Your Kids

Packaged foods are taking over the world. From potato chips and cream biscuits to flavoured beverages and chocolates, they’re everywhere.

They’re convenient, fairly cheap and come in a lot of varieties. However, most of them are filled with artificial preservatives, flavours, colours, and too much salt and sugars. In short, they’re junk food.

Plus, their addictive nature makes them quite difficult to avoid.

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

When it comes to your kids’ nutrition, unhealthy packaged foods are a disaster waiting to happen. Not only will they hamper their physical development, but it can also impact their mental growth.

Our parents used to provide us with a lot of homemade snacks which were healthy. Be it peanut chikkis, laddoos, mixture, murukkus or chaklis, they are all much better options than what we have in the market today. Natural foods like fruits and vegetables were also a major part of your diet. However, with our changed lifestyles, our kids aren’t getting the same nutrition what we used to.

There has been increased focused on what kids eat throughout the world. Just recently, Nestle announced that they’re cutting the sugar content in their products by 10% from next year.

timios already does this right.

Teach Your Kids to Eat Healthy

As a parent, you’re your kids’ role model. We all want our kids to learn how to eat healthy. Whether you’re packing snacks along with their lunchboxes or keeping them energized after a busy day of playing, you’d want your kids to eat healthy.

Nevertheless, it’s almost next to impossible to keep up with all our everyday food choices, especially when unhealthy options are plenty and are so easy to grab. That is why it’s crucial to pay attention to what you put inside yours and your kids’ bodies.

The timios Promise

timios promises that its products are made from 100% natural ingredients. All of our healthy snacks are crafted keeping kids’ unique nutritional needs in mind. That means no artificial preservatives, colours and flavours; low added salt and sugars; low on spice; and absolutely no junk whatsoever!

Now, you don’t have to forego convenience to make your kids eat healthy. You can order timios products online from anywhere in India. What’s more, we have a retail presence in over 200 retail stores across Bangalore and Hyderabad, with plans to expand to other metro cities soon.

If you keep healthy snacks in your home, your kids will eat healthy too!


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