Timios has variety of healthy and tasty food for kids of all age which they love to eat.

Kids Who Eat Better Learn Better

What do you think is the relation between a child’s growing mind and their growing body? If your kids’ diets are full of sugar and empty nutrients, can they really learn to their full potential? Are you giving your kids everything they need to be successful in life?

Your kids need to eat something that would fill them up before they even begin thinking about learning. Something that would stick to their ribs; that’d provide them with the essential nutrients their growing bodies need to get through the day.

If you provide your kids with a nutritious breakfast, one with wholesome ingredients and lower in salt and sugar, they’ll have a lower rate of obesity. Their behaviour will increase dramatically. Overall, your kids will be in a great state of health.

Research has shown that kids who don’t have regular nourishment, particularly at breakfast, have poor cognitive function overall. Thus, kids who eat healthy also learn better.

Diet and nutrition are one of the major causes for preventable death and diseases. If the current trends hold up, more than one-third of our kids are on track to develop diabetes in their lifetime.

With the lack of proper guidance and encouragement to eat healthy, kids fill themselves up with unhealthy and cheap calories that surround them. That means salted potato chips, sugary fizzy drinks, unhealthy biscuits and other high calorie junk food.

It’s a never ending cycle that leads to all but one thing: an unhealthy lifestyle.

When you give your kids the nourishment they need, you give them the opportunity to thrive, both in the classroom and beyond it.

Overhaul your kids’ nutrition standards by including fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other natural foods. Not only will your kids be getting better nutrition, but they’ll love it too.

timios’ wide range of snacks and energy bars are made with 100% natural ingredients. They have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added. Plus, they’re low in salt and sugar. In short, they contain no junk whatsoever.

Food is something that can have the greatest impact on your kids’ lives. Make it count.


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