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Keeping Your Kids Healthy All Summer

It can be tricky for parents to keep their kids healthy during the hot months of the summers. While parents would be tempted to keep their kids indoors, if we lose sight of the big picture, the summers can be very problematic for your child’s all-around health and well-being. So here are a few tips to help your child stay healthy, as they enjoy their summer!

  1. Keep Them Hydrated

Hydration is key to a healthy summer. We can’t stress this enough! Kids always want to get outside, no matter what the weather and staying hydrated will help keep your child from getting a heat stroke. When your little one is going to school, or even stepping out to play in the hot summer days, make sure they are very well hydrated. Teach them not to drink water from unsealed bottles outside the home and always make sure they have their water bottle with them when they go out. This will also ensure they only drink clean and pure water when they feel thirsty outside the home. You should also thoroughly clean your child’s water bottle, daily.

  1. Cut the Crap!

The food they eat is another factor that can impact your child’s health. Make sure that your kids are not munching on junk food, this summer (or otherwise, too!). Prepare refreshing, delicious and healthy food for kids right at home and keep things interesting with special healthy snacks. You could throw together a simple yet delicious fruit salad with frozen yogurt or grilled chicken with a herb and feta cheese dip. In case you don’t have time for meal prep, you can also go for off-the-shelf, healthy snacks for kids, like timios munchies and energy bars.

  1. Get on the Ground

In the summers, you have to keep yourself from giving in to the temptation of keeping them home all day. Physical activity is essential for your kids. They also need to build a healthy tolerance for the climate conditions around them. Besides, as long as kids are hydrated and don’t indulge in very intense activities, they will be just fine playing around in the sun.

To make things interesting and to spend quality time with them, make it a project to learn a sport, such as swimming, with your child, this summer.

  1. Junior Chef

A sure shot way to ensure kids eat healthily is to have them eat at home, and a fun way to ensure that they eat at home is to teach them how to cook! Teach them how to whip up a new dish, every weekend. Make it a fun activity that you both can enjoy. To reel them in, start with their favourites. You could also tweak the traditional recipes and go for healthier options. If you find this a daunting task, you could even enroll in a cooking class together.
Note: If your child is really young, make sure that they don’t handle knives, choppers, cutters, etc. Do not allow them to use dangerous electrical equipment such as blenders and grinders without adult supervision.

  1. Make a Little Farmer

An activity that is good for both the physical and mental health of your child, gardening can be great for your little one’s overall health and development. While physically, tending to a garden is hard work and keeps them in shape, mentally, gardening gives kids a sense of purpose, ownership and creative validation. Help your child set up a small garden with around 5-7 plants and work in it, with them. When they grow their own food, they will also eat it with pride and without fuss.

You could encourage them to make a scrapbook of their plants, with the growth of each plant from a small sapling to a plant with fruits documented with photos and notes.

  1. Bigger Circle

Let your child spend time around other kids their own age. It’s important for kids to be around their peers during their formative years so that they can be well-adjusted as they grow up. Encourage them to invite their friends from school or the neighbourhood to join them in the activities suggested above.

And don’t forget, the summers are a time of frolic and fun! So, get out there with your little one, and have an exciting, healthy summer!

For more such tips and advice on parenting and nutrition, check out our other blogs. Write to us at hello@mytimios.com with any queries or to share your stories.


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