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Keeping The Tots Healthy All Winter

Winters are a flu season and make every parent’s life difficult. What used to be the time to snuggle up with blankets on Sunday evenings with a hot chocolate and a good movie, quickly turns into a dreaded season, full of colds, sniffles and a lot of crying as soon as you become parents. We know this suffering for both you and your little ones seems rather inevitable, year after year, but the fact is, it is fairly preventable by taking these 9 simple steps!

  1. Wash well. Wash often.

Both you and your kids should wash hands frequently during winters. Kids can pick up all kinds of bacteria and viruses from touching things like school bus seats, classroom desks, bathroom doors and even friends who might be carriers. They could be exposed at home, at school or at the playground. And they could expose you to the germs they bring back as well. The best way to fight this is to wash your hand often, with disinfectant soap and warm water with at least 15-20 seconds of scrubbing per wash.

  1. A Tissue or the Elbow!

One of the first sanitation habits your kids need to learn is to only sneeze or cough into a tissue. When tissues are not available, show them how to do it in the folded inside of their elbow. Coughing or sneezing into their palm or fist should be strongly discouraged since that only leads to the spread of germs faster!

  1. Blow the Nose.

Kids should be taught to blow their noses as young as possible! Stop them from putting their fingers in their noses and show them how to blow into tissue and tell them to always throw the tissue away after using it every time. Along with that, show them how to blow their nose in the washbasin and teach them to wash their hands with soap and warm water immediately afterward.

  1. Hydrate!

Water helps the immune system fight viruses and infections better. It is especially important when your little one is down with a fever since they lose a lot of fluids through sweating and evaporation due to the high body temperature. Staying hydrated also makes it easier and painless for them to blow their nose if they are sick.

  1. Sleep Early, Sleep Well

Make sure your child goes to sleep early and gets enough hours of sound sleep. Well, rested kids are more resistant to sickness in the winters.

  1. Bring out the Big Guns

Give them Vitamin D supplements and fish oil daily, especially during winters. Fish oil has the amazing Omega 3 fatty acids that regular everyday foods often fall short of providing adequately, no matter how healthy you eat. Vitamin D is also essential for children, especially during the winter, when there isn’t an adequate sun.

  1. Disinfect!

Regularly and thoroughly disinfecting your house during these winter months might sound like a huge task, especially in the cold, but it can reduce the number of harmful germs that are present on every surface of your house, be it a kitchen countertop or a toilet seat! Take special care to sanitise your little one’s toys and room!

  1. No Sugar, Yes Veggies.

While sugary foods have been known to cause your child’s body to get inflamed and more vulnerable to winter illnesses, healthy food for kids such as vegetables and fruits that are full of vitamins and other nutrients are proven to boost their immune system and help fight off these viruses. So instead of an artificially and heavily sweetened winter snacks for kids, pick healthier alternatives such as homemade easy snacks or off-the-shelf healthy snacks for kids like timios Melts and Munchies.

  1. Avoid Carriers!

Make sure your child doesn’t come in contact with anyone who is sick. If someone at home or school is sick, avoid or at the very least, minimise their contact with your little one. If your child is sick, don’t send them to school! Have them stay home for the course of the illness so that other kids don’t end up catching the virus.

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