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How to make food more fun for Kids?

How to make food more fun for Kids?

Kids these days are very difficult to please. Especially when it comes to food, they are extremely picky and getting a child to eat healthy food becomes a hard task for parents. Besides which, there is the fixation with assuming that the dish is not tasty even without tasting it. If you are also fixated on the question of how to make children’s food interesting for them here are some quick tips to do so.

Explore interests of the child


Your toddler or even a grown-up child may have some hobbies or interest. Why not prepare easy snacks keeping them in mind. For example, if your child is interested in countries you could prepare a dish with any of the countries flags and ask him to identify. Similarly, if your toddler is learning shapes prepare his dish in different shapes and ask him his favorite shape and put it in his mouth. He will also be glad that he was able to finish a plate of shapes.

Colorful foods


Even when kids grow up they have a strange fixation for colors. They would automatically like a dish which has bright veggies instead of one which is a dull yellow. Find out vegetables with all rainbow colors and tell him he is going to eat a rainbow that day. Not only would that entice him to eat it quickly before his siblings but also would get him to eat these healthy snacks.

Name keeping

It is not always necessary that you call the vegetable or the dish by the name it already has. Be quirky and kiddish and rename them in the funniest manner possible. So while Broccoli can be called “baby trees”, tomato can be renamed as the “red ball”. Make an extensive vocabulary of such funny names and your kid would love to be a part of this fun.

Presentation skills


I know this is going to increase your job multifold but the truth is that the more effort you put into decorating healthy food for kids the more they are attracted to it. Mini foods are a sure shot success and you can get mini pizza or mini muffins to get them to eat. Fresh fruit popsicles can be one idea which you can try in summers and this is something no kid is ever going to miss. Make stick foods with carefully cut fruits and serve; you would be surprised at the speed at which they are finished. Whenever preparing such easy recipes for kids, do make them a part of it as this helps them feel important.

Keep them involved

Since it is their food they have a full right to know what they are going to get. You can take your kid’s shopping and make them decide what they want to eat that day. For small children, you can ask them to pick vegetables and fruits of their favorite color. On the other hand, the elder one’s opinion needs to be paid attention to. Tell them why a particular vegetable is good for them and then encourage them to try that out. Keep the options narrow.

Energy foods


In case your child is still not very fond of eating, you can resort to giving him energy foods of different kinds. Timios offers Energy bars and options for evening snacks for kids. You can first awaken their interest in healthy eating by offering these nutritious food items. Once your child develops the taste, the hurdle of making him eat is not going to be difficult to overcome.


For all those mommies who are tired of running after their kids to make them eat, these are sure shot success tips to make things work. However be patient as such changes take time and until then, all the best.


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