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How to make a fussy eating child to eat healthy

Giving our children a healthy upbringing is our topmost priority. Starting from giving them healthy snacks to taking them for regular checkups we leave no stone unturned to achieve the target. As kids grow, due to changes in their taste buds their preferences change. Healthy is something they do not even want to hear of, leave alone eating those stuff.  I am sure all of us as mothers have had/having to pass such a situation.  How should you react? What are the ways to tackle yourself as well as the kid so that you bring him around comfortably to listen to you? Here we would like to share some tips to handle kids’ fussy eating habits.

Eat with him

Often we make the mistake of handling the plate full of food to the child so that we can complete other tasks at hand. During this time you can teach him the basics of eating healthy snacks for kids and also bond with him in the process.

No distractions

If you are offering the child TV or I pad while eating food trust us he will be totally distracted and will throw a tantrum for any evening snacks for kids you have prepared. The rule applies to you as well. If you are using a mobile phone or laptop on the dining table the whole purpose gets defeated. The beginning change should be from your side.

Consistency is important

Frame rules which are simple and can be maintained consistently. If you see your child refusing a food item which he leisurely ate a few days back it could be that he is trying to get it replaced with something unhealthy. Do not give in to his tactics and ensure that he finishes his meal. If he still does not show an interest provide him a healthy yet tasty alternative like Timios energy bars. While he would love the change in meal taste you can be assured of him getting proper nutrition.

Make the food presentable

The fussiest of eaters would love a plateful of food which is attractive to look at. Children are quick to observe and if they see their snacks made in a gross manner they assume that it would taste the same. Just change the style in which your food is presented and you would be surprised to see how quickly the ice is broken.

Variations and themes

Kids are fun loving and once you become like them they listen patiently to all that you have to say. Organize small themes for meals and prepare healthy food for kids accordingly. You could choose from superhero night, Disney night and pirate’s night and present the meals in the same manner. Entice your child to finish his dish so that you can play a game matching the theme later.

Make them assist you

This is a tried and tested formula that has worked for most of the people and would work for your child as well. While preparing easy recipes for kids make them stand next to you and help you with the preparation. Portray to him as if he is doing the cooking so that he feels important and once the meal is over give him a round of applause as well. This invokes the desire to excel in the kids and they would then willingly eat the meal prepared.

So all you mommies out there, no more running and forcing your children to eat their snacks. Use these simple tactics and your child would soon be back on the track to eating food diligently. In no situations should you try and force feed the child as that may invariably lead him to totally reject the food offered. All the best………………..


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