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How to declare freedom from clutches of Junk food?

As a parent, in the well being of our kids lies our happiness. As the saying goes, what you eat reflects on your mind, body as well as emotions. However, with high-end exposure and the entry of fast food joints, kids get used to eating junk food at a very early stage in life. While most mommies slog hard to provide healthy snacks for kids the children choose to turn a blind eye and the result is a generation of junk food freaks. Breaking the shackles of this habit proves to be a tough task but we provide you with some easy ways to do so.

Avoid purchasing junk food

A visit to the grocery store for kids shopping allows them a chance to have a wide range of options to choose from. It is often not easy to stop your little one from purchasing anything that qualifies as junk food, however; you can start by limiting the quantity. In no situations should you think of purchasing toffees, cookies and soda cans in bulk for storing for future use. When you stock up junk foods it is a mixed signal for your child as he thinks it is ok if he loses the battle with junk sometimes.

Set an example

Your child is actually a true reflection of you. As a parent, whatever habits you follow they will quickly emulate them. If they see you holding a bag of chips in the evening every day trust us they would be quick to consider this as the right behavior. A hard thing for a foodie to do, but if you want your kids to move away from junk then you first need to set an example. junk then you would have to eat energy foods as well.

Look for healthy energy bars

There is always a healthier replacement for junk food provided you know about them. Timios offers healthy energy bars and other snack options which are not only packed with nutrients but good to eat. So the next time your child demands a quick snacking option you just have to hand him these healthy energy foods from Timios and his urge to eat junk food would be gone soon.

Limit amount of exposure to Television

Kids who watch TV more are prone to get influenced by the colorful commercials which showcase the wide variety of junk options available. Also, some junk food joints keep posting about any new offerings that they may have and your child would be the first one to ask you to go there.  When you limit the amount of time they spend before the idiot box you are actually restricting him from being fooled by these companies.

Have a common plan

At times it happens that one of the parents is strictly against the junk food while the other is quick to oblige. This is conflicting and the child obviously derives advantage of the same. Keep a healthy meal plan and post it on your fridge or any other common place where everyone has an access to it. Try to make your children independent and ask them to join hands as you prepare healthy snacks.

Celebrate your food

Get together and celebrate each of your meals as a prominent event in your schedule. Make it a point to have at least one meal with your children and engage them in conversations which highlight the importance of having healthy eating habits. As far as possible avoid the habit of eating in front of the television or with an I-pad in hand as that totally loses the purpose of what you want to achieve. Prepare evening snacks for kids which are healthy and tummy filling and good to taste too.

In case you are a parent who is worried sick because of their kid’s craving for junk food these tips are sure to help. Never force them to adopt any particular kind of eating habits. Let it come naturally, as that would be the best way to deal with it.


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