Timios has variety of healthy and tasty food for kids of all age which they love to eat.


Here’s Why Both You and Your Little Ones Will Love Zookers

For all parents, food for kids is always a struggle. It’s difficult to be on the same page as your child about the choice of their daily snack foods. While your child is looking for what’s sweet, yummy, and is the most fun to eat, you’re looking for what’s healthy, natural and the most nutritious for them. Most easily available, off-the-shelf snacks for kids will leave at least one of you unhappy because they are either too unhealthy or too bland. While this is true for most of the options out there, there are some that can be the perfect balance between the two most important aspects for children’s food, taste, and nutritious value.

timios Zookers, for example, is 100% natural and highly nutritious animal shaped biscuits that are free from any added colour or preservatives. These bite-sized, multigrain biscuits are made of wheat, ragi, and oats, and are sweetened using jaggery. The whole grain used in preparing these biscuits helps in boosting your child’s digestive health and provides them with vital nutrients, minerals, and fibre to keep them healthy and active.

timios Zookers are not just healthy, but also delicious. They come in two variants with a mix of completely natural peach and blueberry flavours and bits of real fruits like cherries, blueberries, and apples! This makes timios Zookers perfect healthy snacks for kids!

They say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, luckily apples are favourite healthy snacks for most kids! Apples are not just yummy, they also help fortify your little one’s immune system, maintain good dental health, and of course, provide a rich supply of minerals, fibres, and vitamins such as Vitamins C, K, and A.

Blueberries are lately being celebrated as a superfood. This is because blueberries are full of nutrients and are a great natural antioxidant. Blueberries are extremely low on calories, rich on fibre and are a source of Manganese and Vitamins C and K. This makes them extremely healthy food for kids.

A cherry on top makes everything better, doesn’t it?! Cherries are also a great antioxidant and an excellent source of Vitamins A, B, C and E. They also provide your little one with Potassium, which helps in maintaining the hydration levels. An abundance of fibre and folic acid is also found in cherries. They also help us sleep better and deeper, so they are a perfect ingredient for evening snacks for kids.

We have carefully chosen these fruits for timios Zookers with Apple & Blueberry Bits and timios Zookers with Cherry Bits so that together with the goodness of whole grains like ragi and oats, they can pack a yummy and healthy punch for your child’s daily healthy snacks.

Zookers cherryZookers Apple _ blueberry

Read more about a balanced diet for your kids and other parenting tips, check out our other blogs. Write to us at hello@mytimios.com with any queries or to share your stories.


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