Getting Your Little One Ready for School

Going to school is the first big change in your little one’s life. It is the first time they step out of their safe and protected comfort zone to venture out into the world. In this new space, they have to learn life skills, form meaningful relationships and take responsibility for their actions. The time they spend in school will be among the first steps on their path to achieving their full potential.

As parents, here’s how you can best prepare your little one to make a place for themselves in the outside world!

  1. Ready for School?

First and foremost, your kids need to be academically prepared for school. You can do this by teaching them how to write their names, teaching them to count and by reading to them every day. You should also get best-selling children’s books with lots of colourful photos and encourage the little ones to ‘read’ it with you. This will help them learn to connect words with visuals and even ideas! You can also sharpen their minds by playing games and solving puzzles and riddles together.

  1. Routines and Rules

Before your kids go to school, they need to get used to a daily routine. Set up a non-negotiable bedtime and wake-up time. Sit together with them and come up with a detailed time table. Everything, from playing outdoors to evening snacks for kids, everything in your little one’s daily needs to have a place in this time table.

  1. Make Friends Outdoors

Before they head off to school, your kids also need to be prepared to play with other kids outside. Make sure they spend at least an hour every day, playing with kids their own age in the neighbourhood park. You can start off by supervising them from a distance, but the idea is to get them to be tough and independent while also teaching them the value of being a part of a team. Remember to send them off with some high energy foods like timios Energy Bars, in a playtime snack box that they can share with their friends.

  1. Sharing Boundaries

When it comes to relationship building, sharing is an important aspect. Teach your kids to share everything, be it their healthy snacks, stationery or toys, with their friends. Pack easy-to-share treats like timios Raisins, when they go out to play with other kids. It is important, however, that the sharing is encouraged and not forced, so that they know that it is them deciding to share and not you, taking their things away to give to someone else. Explain to them the value of sharing and friendship, but also tell them that it’s okay if they don’t want to share certain things like a particular favourite toy or a special pencil that they got as a present.

  1. Meal Plans and More

Make meal plans with small meals at regular intervals, corresponding to their lunch and snack breaks at school. Along with a tradition of a big, hearty breakfast that loads them up with the nutrients required to kickstart their day, also start a healthy snacking custom. Give them delicious homemade easy snacks with lots of fruits, nuts, seeds, and veggies. If you’ve got a busy schedule that doesn’t allow for making these snacks at home, you can also get healthy, natural, off-the-shelf alternatives such as timios Zookers, Mini Oaty Bites, and Crunchies.

  1. Brave the Bathroom

Last but not least, make sure your child has learned to use the bathroom by themselves before they go to school. This will give them confidence and help them become independent in the outside world!

Now you’re all set to see your little ones off to school. We wish both of you good luck and a great school year ahead!

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