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Feeding Your Child: What? Why? When?

Parents are constantly second-guessing themselves when it comes to their child’s nutrition. We always worry about doing it just right. So, we’ve put together a list of everything that should go on your kids’ plate!

1. What?

Dairy Products: Milk, Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Yogurt, etc.


Dairy products are full of Calcium. At this formative age, your little one’s body needs a lot of Calcium to grow strong and robust bones.


Your little ones should have milk or milk products in their meal, at least twice a day. Given them a glass of warm chocolate milk each morning and a serving of yogurt with chopped fruits, nuts and berries as toppings for their evening snack!

2. What?

Grains: Whole, Organic and Natural

wholegrains - ragi,wheat,jowar


Your little ones are really active and want to explore everything. This is when they need a rich source of carbohydrates and fibres to keep them going. Healthy food grains provide them with this energy source.


You should give your kids a healthy mixture of 5-6 grains such as wheat, rice, ragi jowar, bajra, foxtail, etc. Switch to multigrain bread and even make your chapattis out of a new combination of whole-grain flour every day. Your children should have a portion of grains with each of the three major meals of the day.


Protein: Chicken, Eggs, Meat, Pulses



Poultry, meat, and legumes contain a high quantity of iron that is easily absorbed by your child. This goes on to help them maintain a healthy hemoglobin level, which in turn helps with better oxygen circulation and absorption.


Your little one should get a portion of protein, twice daily. Give them an egg with their breakfast and some chicken, meat, or pulses for lunch. When preparing meat and poultry, make sure that it is thoroughly cooked. Uncooked meat and poultry can be quite dangerous, especially for children!

4. What?

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Fish, Blueberries, Walnuts, Soya Beans.



While fish is also protein, it is also a rich source of essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Young children need these Essential Fatty Acids to build a strong immune system and make their cardiovascular system robust, over time.


You can make fish the protein of choice every other day, or every third day if your little one isn’t too keen on it. You could also use other EFA-rich foods such as fruits and nuts as a part of their meals.

5. What?

Fruits: Citrus Fruits, Bananas, etc.


Fruits are your child’s prime source of healthy sugar. Other than that, citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruits have a high Vitamin C content, which helps your little ones have stronger gums and blood vessels. It also helps small wounds heal faster. Bananas are rich in Magnesium and Potassium, which are both essential minerals that your child needs, to keep their muscles strong and healthy!


At least one of your snacks for kids, daily, should be made up mostly, if not entirely, of fruits. Make a different Fruit Snack Box every day, with yogurt and nuts, to keep them interested and engaged.

6. What?

Veggies: Carrots, Spinach, Chickpeas, Black Beans, etc.



Veggies are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and roughage for your child. They keep your little ones happy by keeping their tummies healthy. Carrots, spinach, and legumes like peas, chickpeas, and black beans are great sources of Vitamin A, K & C. They help your kids with bone growth and keep them growing bigger and stronger.


Ideally, they should have two portions of veggies each day. It’s no secret that kids are not big fans of veggies but you can sneak them into their plates, in the form of yummy snacks for kids.

All parents want their kids to eat healthily, but it is snack time when all diet plans go for a toss and you end up choosing low-fuss snacks for kids while compromising on the health aspect.

Now you don’t need to feel guilty for not spend ages researching and preparing the right snack for your child! Because we did it for you! You can get just the perfect mix of tasty and healthy snacks for kids when you pick up your timios Melts, Zookers and Mini Oaty Bites off the shelves.

Read our blog to know more about nutrition and snacks for your little one.


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