1. What does ‘timios’ mean?

timios in Greek means ‘Honest’. Our motto is to provide ‘Honesty in Every Bite’. Hence our name, timios.

2. When was timios born?

timios was born on November 14th, 2017. We’re still only growing up!

3. Why timios?

At timios our number one priority is to make you feel good about the food you eat. We make products using only the best ingredients, so you know you’re making the right choice for you and your kids! Rest assured that timios is enjoyed by our kids too!!

4. How do timios products stay fresher than other products in the market?

timios products are packaged in new age packaging technology that keeps our food fresh. We also use only natural preservatives free from any artificial additives.

5. Is it true that packaged foods are not suitable for children? How is timios better?

Most processed and packaged foods contain unhealthy levels of salt and sugar that are no good for anyone’s health. We found this to be a major gap in the convenience food sector; so we decided to make our own brand of wholesome, fresh food that is easily available to all children – timios. All our products are designed exclusively for children to eat.

6. Apart from the timios website, are there any other online portals where I can buy timios products from?

timios is available in many online stores, such as, Amazon, bigbasket, FirstCry and Flipkart. We’re also constantly adding to this list, so stay tuned for more!

7. Where can I purchase timios products offline?

timios is available in major supermarkets, organic stores and baby stores.

8. What are the advantages of joining the timios family?

By registering yourself with timios and joining our family, you will receive constant updates on new products, offers and membership programmes. Check out our blog toget useful updates onhealth tips and alsoget insights in to what’s healthy and what’s not.

9. Do you have any discount or membership programmes?

We have introduced timios ‘Refer A Friend’ Program which lets you invite friends to experience our products. For every friend, who purchases from www.mytimios.com, you will receive a coupon worth Rs. 30, redeemable on the site.

We come up with new stuff all the time – so register and subscribe to get regular updates from us

10. Can adults also eat timios?

Yes, if it’s good for kids it’s definitely good for adults!

Kids or adults – everyone enjoys their share timios. Go ahead, try timios and relish every bite.

11. What are the range of products available at timios?

At timios, we have a wide range of wholesome products for children, such as, Biscuits, Munchies, Cereal Crunchies, Berry and Nutty Bars, Melts, and Raisins.

12. As a frequent customer, I’m quite happy with timios. Are you planning to add any more food products to the list?

We are glad that you are happy. Yes, since children always look for variety, we will always be researching, curating, innovating and adding to our range of products. Next in line, we’re going to launch our Zookers Animal Shaped Biscuits, which comes in 2 variants – with Apple & Blueberry Bits and Cherry Bits. Soon after that, we will launch our Mini Oaty Bites in Apple & Kiwi flavour.

Register & subscribe to our website so that you can get regular updates on new products and various offers! Join the timios family by registering with us to avail various offers.

13. How good are the quality of the ingredients you use?

At timios, we really make sure to use the best possible ingredients. Explore our range of products here.

14. What is the guarantee that timios treats are truly honest and free from any unhealthy ingredients?

Honesty in every bite – that is the timios promise.  When it comes to giving your kids a taste of wholesome food, you can trust us completely. Hima Bindu, our Co-Founder who holds a Master’s degree in Food & Nutrition, knows exactly what it takes to keep kids healthy. She is completely committed to developing wholesome food products for children and handles all aspects of production, product quality and product innovation, at timios.

15. Is there any checklist that I can follow online to make choosing between good food and unhealthy food, easier?

When shopping online for food and snacks, always remember to check the sodium levels, calcium levels and iron levels, as well as the trans-fat content of the product.

If you’re shopping exclusively for your kids, take a look at our products at mytimios. We have a well-researched, age-curated, all-natural range of wholesome food items for children, with NO processed sugars, processed jaggery, artificial preservatives or artificial colours. Our products are also perfect for children over 4 years who go to school. We look forward to having you shop with us.

16. Energy bars seem to be the product that everyone is eating, but I have my doubts. How do I know if these energy bars are okay to give my children?

Even energy bars need to be carefully checked for unhealthy calories and unwanted ingredients. We suggest that you take a look at the timios Berry and Nutty Bars – our energy bars are loaded with dates, nuts, oats and many more wholesome ingredients. Our bars are extremely popularwith children, as well as their parents. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our whole range of wholesome treats!

17. I have tried timios before and my child enjoyed the products quite a bit. If I want to place an order for more, how should I go about it?

We are extremely delighted that your little one enjoyed our treats. All our products are created especially for children, of different age groups. To order more of our wholesome products for your children, log on to mytimios.com. You can also buy our products on Amazon, bigbasket, FirstCry, and Flipkart. It takes only a few days to be delivered!

timios is also available in major supermarkets, organic stores and baby stores. Do let us know what your child thinks of our other products!

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