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Best Travel Snacks for Toddlers

Kids love to travel; and so do we. Travels need to be planned and executed properly, and more so when we have kids accompanying us too. Munching along the journey is a thrill for kids, they love to nibble upon some snacks and sip around their cool drinks – this is what excites them the most. There are many snacks, rather junk food, which are available off the rack to choose from. Ideally, the kids would want to grab them at first hand, but are they healthy? 90% of them are filled with empty calories and 0% nutritional value. Being parents we can plan and pack stuff which is healthy at the same time attractive too. Our criteria should be easy to pack & handle snacks and goodies. Here are some suggestions we would like to put forward which would help you to plan for Best Travel snacks for your kids.

Fruits & Dry Fruits

The advantage fruits have over vegetables is that they are sweet to taste. It is best to take advantage of this factor and pack some cut fruits for the journey. Grapes, pomegranate, apple, banana, and oranges or any other fruits which your toddler strongly prefers could be packed. Pack them in a steel container, if possible as it is a much safer option when compared to plastic containers. However, if you are using BPA free plastic then you can go ahead with them too. Do not sprinkle salt or pepper on the fruits as they tend to make the fruits soggy, thus changing both the look and taste of the fruits.

Mini  Veggie Uthappams

Rice is rich in carbohydrates which are energy giving foods and filling for the tummy too. One of the favorites which top the charts for Healthy Travel snacks is Mini Uthappams. From the family of Dosas, these are miniature versions of the dosas and slightly thick too. Top them with grated carrots, diced onions and tomatoes and finely chopped coriander. Toast it with home-made ghee/organic ghee. So here you are ready with snacks filled with all the goodness and nutrition.

Veggie & Cheese Sandwich


Bread are easy to handle and light on the stomach too – that makes it an ideal Travel Snacks for Toddlers. Opt for Multi-grain bread or Wheat Bread and opt to sliced potato, onion, lettuce and tomato (if your toddler prefers it) with a spread of salted butter and a slice of Cheese of grated cheese to add to the taste. Sandwiches can be eaten by all at any time of the day. Your toddler is sure to grab one the moment she sees it. Wrap it in aluminum foil paper to ensure that it remains fresh until consumed. Also carry some ketchup sachets along as kids love the combination.

Energy Bars


The term Energy Bars might seem heavy ingredients or non-suitable for young toddlers. Here we have a new entry in the market – Timios which has introduced Energy Bars which are meant for toddlers and adults alike. These Energy Bars are available in two flavors – both excel in the taste and nutrition factor.


It is difficult to judge which is the better flavor of the two. These bars could be had any time of the day. Ideal for stocking up during your travels. It gives an instant shot of energy and helps keep your little one’s tummy filled too.

Stuffed Parathas

These make an excellent choice for Travel Snacks for Kids as there is health, taste and nutrition quotient attached to it. The varieties to choose from are also huge – carrots, potato, methi, or just simple cheese parathas. Top it with butter or home-made ghee and toast it on both sides and carry some fruit jam sachets or cheese spread to top it with the parathas. Totally hassle-free, easy to carry and could be consumed even a couple of hours after preparation.

Hope these ideas for Best Travel Snacks for Toddlers help you to plan out your journey and make it easier and enjoyable.


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