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Benefits of Carrots for Children

Benefits of Carrots for Children!

Carrots, the bright vegetable that adds colour to food and makes food art even more creative. Not just that, it also has loads of benefits to it. Babies love carrots as they are colourful and naturally sweet. Most parents boil carrot and add the puree to baby’s diet. While Carrot can be consumed raw, even by kids but in general, a baby should be at least 8 months old to start with raw carrots.

There are tons of benefits carrot can bring to the table, out of which a few are listed here:

Helps with Constipation

Constipation in kids is very painful, parents will know what I’m talking about. Carrot is a blessing for constipated kids. Carrot is known as the root vegetable that makes it rich in dietary fibre. Consuming this in appropriate quantities improves digestion and bowel movement, eliminating the risk of constipation. Carrots don’t just help with constipation, they also keep the intestinal worms at bay. There by helping in gut health.

Improves Vision

As carrots are rich in beta-carotene and consumption of carrots on a regular basis can help in improving the eyesight. It also reduces the risk of cataract, and helps with Vitamin A deficiency.

Helps with Body Cleansing

Carrots as a snack can be a blessing in disguise for a lot of parents. They help get rid of toxins from the body and maintain the bile juice levels. Carrots also help remove bad cholesterol from the liver. In addition to this, the dietary fibre present in carrots keep the colon clean by speeding up the waste elimination process.

Healthy Skin

Carrots are rich in two pigments, carotenoids and anthocyanins. These natural colouring agents help in keeping skin healthy for the glowing effect. The antioxidants in combination with Vitamin A in the vegetable acts like a natural sun screen, to protect skin from sun damage.

Healthy Teeth

Carrots are great when consumed raw and they not only taste great they also help in keeping teeth clean. They help in clearing off the plaque from teeth and gums, eliminating bad odour. Calcium and other minerals present in carrot help warding off the germs to keep teeth clean and healthy.

Reduces Dietary Fat

Traditionally eating salads with fat induced dressing has its importance about certain nutrient absorption. Our body absorbs all the fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, D and K when there is a healthy amount of fat available in our diet. Vitamin A present in carrots are absorbed as retinyl ester along with fat from the proximal intestine. Beta-carotene absorption also increases with high fat diet, dividing beta-carotene into three meals (instead one) enhances absorption without increasing dietary fat.


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