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Back to School (After Vacations)!

Vacation time is both, the most fun and the most hectic part of being a parent. You can let loose and kick back with your kids, making a tonne of life-long memories! And while reeling them in while they are in the fun, vacation mode might be a bit challenging, getting them ready to go back to school after their vacations is a whole other matter.

Here are some things you can keep in mind while getting your little ones back to the school-time routine!

  1. Ease Back In

Kids understandably take time to adjust to any routine. Once their regular routine is disrupted by the summer vacations, they are going to need your help to get back into the grind! The key is to ease the tots back into their regular schedule over a week or two. You need to bring back school-time bedtimes and get back to waking up early. You also need to get them back to their usual meal-schedule. From nutritious meals to healthy snacks for kids, it is important to get their minds and bodies to adjust!

  1. The Holiday Homework Battle

Make sure that their holiday homework is done. Start tackling the holiday projects when you have a few weeks in hand. Help your child finish up all the holiday homework and try your best to turn it into a fun activity that you do together. Try to get them interested in the subject matter and always remember to take breaks from the homework for their favourite healthy snacks.

  1. Last Night Prep

Prepare their books and clothes for the first day back the day before. Get their school uniforms, books and stationery ready beforehand. If your kids’ school doesn’t have a uniform, help your kids decide what they want to wear and let them pick their favourite outfit. The right outfit or a crisp uniform will give them that extra confidence on the first day back!

  1. Sleep is Essential

Make sure they get back to their regular bedtime in the week before going back to school. The night right before school however, it is essential that they get around 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep. Make sure they have a healthy and early dinner and put them to bed earlier than usual. You would also need to wake them up a bit earlier on the big day so that they are not in a rush while leaving for school!

  1. Breakfast Like a King

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, no matter what, but on the first day back to school, it’s even more special. Make sure that breakfast is full of high-energy and healthy food for kids and serve it a bit earlier than usual. Fruits, nuts, beans, eggs, multi-grain bread, etc. are all good ideas. You can also go for ready-to-eat, off-the-shelf, all-natural snacks for kids such as timios Crunchies & Energy Bars.

  1. Special Snack Box

Pack a delicious back-to-school snack box full of a variety of delicious and healthy snacks for kids. Make it colourful, fun, nutritious and full of naturally sweet, high-energy foods. Make sure that you pack enough for them to share with their friends and also remember to make the snack portions sharing-friendly. You can also make it more exciting for the kids with their favourite treats such as timios Raisins and Mini Oaty Bites!

Good luck with getting your little ones back to school after their vacations! Write to us at hello@mytimios.com with any queries or to share your stories.


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