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9 Secrets of Toddler Parenting

Parenting is the world’s biggest responsibility. When we are parenting a child, we are trying our best to shape them to become productive, sensitive and healthy members of the society we live in. Although it is often taken for granted, it’s quite an overwhelming task. We believe that every parent needs all the help that they can get, especially in the first few formative years of their child! So, here are 9 tips that can help you instill some values and set some boundaries.

  1. Teach them to Talk

It is essential that your child learns to communicate what they are thinking and feeling from a very young age because good, well-rounded communication skills take time to develop. Being able to effectively communicate can help your little one form better relationships with their peers and teachers.

  1. And to Listen

Often when we think about communication skills for a 2-5-year-old, we only concentrate on teaching them to express their thoughts, and not so much on listening to what others are saying. Listening is just as important, if not more. If your child can attentively listen, they can be better students and even better friends!

  1. Make Them Independent

Your child needs to learn to be independent. While you may be around them to help them maintain healthy habits such as washing their hands or cleaning up after themselves, it is important for your child to realise that they should try and do these things on their own. For instance, if they spill a glass of milk in the kitchen, let them try and wipe it up. Lend a helping hand, only if absolutely necessary.

  1. Structure Makes Life Easy

Children usually behave better in school because there is more structure in their school life than in their home life. They know that at their preschool, lunch follows crafts hour, and nap time follows lunch. This is why, they expect the next thing in the routine, is prepared for it. A similar routine for the home can help your toddlers to get the most out of their day.

  1. Don’t Entertain Tantrums

Your child needs to learn early that they must stay civil and respectful in all their interactions. So, you must never engage with them when they are throwing a tantrum. Once your child knows that shouting, crying or being rude to you can help them get their way, tantrums can become their ‘easy way out’ of a tough situation, not just with you, but also with other people in their life.

  1. When They’re Good, Tell Them

At this young age, most children want nothing more, than their parents’ attention and appreciation. This appreciation becomes the building blocks of your child’s self-confidence. So, while it is necessary that you correct your child when they’re wrong and help them when they’re struggling, it is also equally necessary that you praise them when they do something well.

  1. Say ‘Yes’.

When a child always hears you say ‘no’ to their requests, it makes them feel dejected. They start to dread asking you for things. It could even lead to them starting to lie to you, in order to be able to do what they want. As they grow older, it could either make them overly rebellious or repressed. Even when you have to say ‘no’, be open to a conversation, rather than giving them a command.

  1. Be a Better You

Young children need strong role models. If we want our child to be the best possible version of themselves, it’s only fair that we show them how to do it, by being the best possible versions of ourselves. They should learn that it’s okay to fall short from time to time, but that they need to keep trying to be strong, humble and sensitive.

  1. Teach them to Eat Good

As they say, we are what we eat. What your child learns to eat from the very early days of their life, essentially shape the kind of lifestyle they will eventually have. A child that has always been taught to eat healthy food will probably carry this lesson on well into their adult life. It will also build a stronger foundation for your child’s health. One quick tip would be to keep healthy snacks for kids such as timios Crunchies, Munchies or Raisins at hand, so you don’t have to look to unhealthy snacks every time their little tummies grumble.

For more such tips and advice on parenting and nutrition for your kids, read our blogs. Write to us at hello@mytimios.comwith any queries or to share your stories.


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