7 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Summer

Parenting young children is an intense workout, especially during vacations, with all the extra free time on their hands! The early years are also the part of their life where they will form the deepest bond with their parents, and for that, they need your time and you need their attention. With the busy lives and tight schedules, spending quality time with your children could become a rarity, but it is essential that you make that time.

As for how you should hold their attention, here’s a list of 7 fun things that you can do with your kids this summer and make a tonne of happy memories!

  1. Potluck Party

Kids always have at least one favourite dish from each of their friend’s snack box. Invite their friends, with their parents for a potluck party on the weekends. You could even get together as parents and organise a potluck lunch party every weekend, featuring all the favourite summer snacks for kids!

  1. Back in Time

You could also take your child to a day weekend full of museums, monuments, and historic walks. Read up about these places beforehand and talk to them about their meaning and significance. Such trips would also let you explore your city and discover new things with your little one!

  1. Around the World

The chance to travel and see the world is one of the most priceless gifts you can give your child. Experiencing different cultures, both in India and abroad, would make them more accepting and open-minded adults, and they would remember the time spent on these vacations for years to come!

  1. Into the Wild

Escape to nature with your little ones, this summer. Pick a simple hiking trail in nearby woods that your kids can hike with you. Find a lush, beautiful camping site near a stream and set up camp for the weekend. Include your kids in each activity, from hitching up the tents, to cooking the meals. Go fishing with them, if you can. You could also gather around a small fire at night and tell stories, sing, and dance together!

  1. Starry Nights

Another fun activity could be star gazing. If you like in a high rise building or out in the suburbs, this could be even more incredible! You could lie back and find constellations in the sky together. If you don’t know a lot about stars or constellations, don’t worry! You can now even download stargazing apps on your phone and learn about the night sky together!

  1. Kite-making and Flying Workshop

Take your kids back to the days of your childhood, when summers meant going up on your roofs and flying kites. Get together with the parents in your neighbourhood and organise a kite-making workshop followed by a neighbourhood kite flying challenge! Make sure there are enough drinks and healthy snack for kids around, so that the little ones don’t get grumpy.

  1. We All Scream For…

Ice-cream is, hands down, the most delicious thing about summers! That’s one thing you and your little ones would completely agree upon. However, the dilemma for parents comes when we think about the health aspect of this beloved snack. By making ice cream at home with your little ones, you could make this delightful dessert not just healthy, but also a fun summer activity. Look up recipes of healthy ice cream made using their favourite, seasonal fruits and get going! You could make it even healthier by using toppings like fruits, nuts, berries, or even timios Raisins and Crunchies!

Happy summer vacations to you and your little ones! Write to us at with any queries or to share your stories.

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