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7 Creative birthday ideas for kids

The most anticipated, eagerly awaited day of the year is nearing and you want to make it special. Your little one is growing one year older – and you do not want to miss this big a chance to make it a memorable one for her. There are oodles of birthday party theme ideas for both boys and girls to choose from.  But choosing the best one which perfectly fits into your kid’s fancy theme should be your goal.  A Birthday party is not an everyday affair, it is an opportunity which comes once a year, so let your imagination go far and wide. To help you out we have suggestions for some Creative birthday ideas for kids that you could choose from:-

Emoji themed party

We use them in our regular conversations on the mobile or on social media so why not have them as a part of your child’s birthday party as well. Start by asking all the little ones to dress up as an emoji. The faces could be smiling or sad or just any weird expression totally up to them. To add up to the fun the evening snacks for kids could be made in the same manner and of course, the ideas of the games also need to be planned accordingly.

Superhero theme party

I want to be a Superhero….Which kid does not dream of becoming a Superhero? So planning a Birthday Party centred around your kid’s favorite Superhero is an awesome idea. Ask them to dress up in the costume of any superhero they like. Offer them energy bars like those of Timios Berry and Nutty Bar which are not only healthy but good to taste as well. This would make them aware that apart from junk food, healthy snacks like Timios energy bars can be a good tummy filler for them.

Dinosaur Theme party

A journey into the world of Dinosaurs excites the young and old alike. So planning a birthday party around Dinosaurs will be an exciting one for your kid. Cut-outs of the different species of dinosaurs made from felt paper and placed as table mats on the dining table would make for an interesting aspect. The whole set up could be a jungle-based; you could also organize a game such as “Dinosaur Egg Hunt”. It is sure to excite the little guests; be assured of 100% participation too. You can also add edible dinosaur eggs, dinosaur figurines placed on the dessert table to make it look realistic.

Disco party

Those little dancing legs love to rock ‘n’ roll. So let’s turn on the music and get the kids going. Organize a disco party with all the disco lights and retro get-ups. Ask children to bring their favorite disco tracks and set the dance floor on fire. When doing kids shopping buy some glittery headbands and snazzy neckpieces to stay within the theme. This could be one unique theme which kids would remember and cherish for a long time.

Under the Sea  Adventure

A plunge deep into the sea alongside the pretty mermaids is any child’s dream. This Birthday Party idea is one of the top fancy themes when it comes to younger kids. Blue as understood could be the colour of the backdrop, cutouts of mermaids could be placed appropriately. And goodies could be decorated with toppers containing details of sea creatures. This makes for a perfect Birthday Party Theme. Isn’t it?

Monster Hunt

Monsters are terrifying but at the same time lure the kids too. With their weird looks and funny acts, they tend to make a mark of their own. Cutouts of Monsters set in the backdrop of a subtle color, monster topping cupcakes, banners having monster pictures.  You can also play games like Monster Hunt where you tell the kids to find out nice monsters that are hidden amongst the bad monsters. So, the child who finds the monster can adopt it too!! So this is one unique theme the kids could die for.

Rainbow party

Colors are something which all children totally adore. And rainbows are a total depiction of the beautiful world of colors. Experiment with color making activities and be prepared to see the smile on your child’s face. Prepare some healthy yet multi-colored easy snacks and your surprise would be complete.


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