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6 Easy Packing Tips for a Hassle-Free Lunch

Packing lunch for your kids can be a great chore. However, you can reduce the hassle greatly by following the tips given below:

  1. Use a lightweight, stainless steel box or an airtight harm-free plastic container. Stick to a lunchbox that is strong and hardy, so that you don’t have to keep replacing it regularly.
  2. Use a refillable water bottle to store water, preferably from a filter at your home. Encourage your kids to fill their own water bottle so that they learn the importance of drinking water.
  3. Pack cloth napkins and steel spoons along with the lunchbox. Avoid plastic spoons as much as possible. It’s not great for your kid’s health, and it’s not great for the planet too!
  4. Include healthy snacks along with your lunchbox. Carrot sticks, cut fruits, yoghurt and other healthy snack items. Check out timios’ product range for 100% natural packaged snacks. It makes packing healthy snacks so much easy.
  5. Portion the food appropriately across different food containers. All the foods you pack should maintain their freshness till your kids eat their lunch.
  6. Always opt for recyclable food storage items like aluminium foil to keep it simple. And don’t forget to encourage your kids to compost food scraps like banana peels, apple cores and other unfinished food.

Did You Know: Each serving of timios’ energy bar has just around 100kCal. It not only makes them feel full for longer, but it also covers their daily nutritional requirements.

Fun Fact: timios’ snacks are appropriately portioned to keep your kids satisfied and energized in between meals.

Nothing is more important than your child’s health. Make sure that they get the appropriate nutrition with timios on your side!


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