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5 movies parents should watch with their kids

We understand fully well that a lot of effort goes into executing the day-to-days of parenting. In between finding the right snacks for kids, making sure they’re also healthy snacks for kids and teaching them the do’s and don’ts of life – things can become quite hectic for a parent. That’s why it’s important to get help whenever you can, and from wherever it comes from.

Children’s movies can be a great source of learning for your little one if you know which movies to watch.

With the right set of movies, you and your child can bond, learn, have fun and grow together, all through no real effort or strain on your part.

To make your job a little easier, we have carefully handpicked 5 brilliant Children’s Movies that will teach your tiny tot a thing or two, and also make for 5 warm memories for you to cherish later on.

The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

A tale of 4 siblings, an ice queen, one awesome lion, and the cutest half-man, half-goat, your kids will ever see. Very few stories can transport children to a new world of endless possibility, and Narnia is one of those movies.

They will learn the importance of family and friendship, that no person is above another and most importantly they’ll learn that animals are the coolest things ever.

Bridge to Terabithia

Friendship, fun and endless adventure. The Bridge to Terabithia takes two friends to a place nestled in the heart of dreams, fuelled by pure imagination. Many a life lesson can be learned in Terabithia – the importance of imagination, the beauty in learning and that friends are always going to be a HUGE part of life.

The Bridge to Terabithia is an emotional journey, but both you and your little one will come out better for it and hopefully a tad happier!


Hugo is a Martin Scorsese film. That’s an unfamiliar sentence because he isn’t known to make movies for children, in fact before he made Hugo he had never made a single children’s film, his entire career. That’s exactly why Hugo is a masterpiece that you will appreciate just as much as your little one.

It emphasizes the beauty and wonders of science and mechanics but also revels in the pure joy of life and all the emotions that come with it. Watch Hugo because it’s a memory you’ll be very happy to have shared with your child.

School of Rock

A prep school, a class of 30 students, a fake substitute teacher and one AWESOME rock band. School of Rock is inspirational of the tale of a failed musician who starts a band with a class of students, by lying about he is.

Sounds like a questionable plot for a children’s movie, doesn’t it? Well, it is, but it’s also so much more!

School of Rock will teach your children the beauty of music and the unbelievable creativity that stems from it. It will teach them to never judge a book by its cover and always give people a second chance, but most importantly it will teach them to have fun!

The Incredibles

A family that eats together, lives together and fights crime together – stays together.

The Incredibles are a family of superheroes who just can’t stay out of troubles way. This classic animated movie is over 15 years old but it’s still one of the best movies ever made. Make sure your kids also watch the sequel that was aptly named The Incredibles 2. It’s awesome!

We really hope you and your kids can enjoy these movies as much as we did! Write to us at hello@mytimios.com and tell us what you thought of our selection.

photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com


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