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5 Fun Ways on How to Teach Kids to Eat Healthy

As a parent, this question should always be on your mind: how do I get my little one interested in eating healthy?

It’d be great if there was a simple, one-step plan to achieve the same. All kids would eat better, and who wouldn’t want their kids to eat and enjoy healthy foods? That’s the dream of every parent.

Your quality of life is dictate by your state of health. So why don’t we spend more effort to teach our kids about nutrition and diet?

Here are 5 fun ways to teach your kids to eat healthy:

Where did it come from?

Whatever your kids are eating, teach them to ask where did it come from. Whether it’s an apple or our wholesome Berry Bar, teach your kids to always question the source of the food they’re eating. For example, a potato comes from under the ground while a mango grows on the tree. Likewise, Milk comes from cows and timios’ energy bars are made from wholesome grains and 100% natural ingredients.

Yay or nay?

Don’t throw your old newspapers and the food catalogues you get from grocery stores. Instead, cut out the food products you see on them and play the “yay or nay” game with your kids. Teach your kids to identify healthy foods and place them in the ‘yay’ column, while all the junk foods go in the ‘nay’ column. Any guesses as to where timios goes? Of course, it goes in the ‘yay’ column.

Give name to foods

Kids love to name things in their own imaginative way. Not only does it help them with recognizing different foods, it also enforces the idea that they should know what they put into their mouths. It helps them develop a strong bond with healthy foods. Adarsh the Apricot, Radhesh the Raddish, Mahesh the Mango… you get the picture.

Teach your kids fun food facts

Did you know, apples, onions and potatoes all taste the same? Try them out with your nose pinched. How about knowing that 70% of the spices used in the world come from India? Do a Google search and you’ll find many such food facts that’ll get your kids to take interest in healthy foods.

Make fun food creations

Kids are naturally inclined to be creative. Let them explore it with foods. timios’ snacks are designed for little hands. Some examples are creating a solar system with fruits, building grape caterpillars or banana palm trees. You can explore more such ideas here.

With so many fun ways to get your kids to take interest in healthy eating, the hardest part would be choosing which one to go with!



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